Active Seniors with Osteoporosis

Many seniors that enjoy activities like hiking, skiing, riding an ebike, horse riding but who have osteoporosis in their hips are at risk of a fracture if they fall. A fractured hip is serious and may prevent the faller from partaking in the activities they love.

A hip protector will provide a level of protection to the hip if a fall occurs and although no hip protector is a guarantee a fracture won't occur it will provide a significant protection.

Our Active style hip protector is a soft foam shield which we source from Germany. It carries the EU Standard EN 1621-1:2012, level 2 which covers falls from motor cycles so it easily covers a fall from an e-bike or by someone hiking, skiing or falling from any low speed activity. We house the shields in our Classic underwear which made from a combed cotton & elastane fabric. Many older folk prefer a cotton garment to a high tech synthetic garment and looks space age but in the end is only a nylon or polyester garment.