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Getting the best protection


Clinical staff advocating hip protectors for a resident would benefit from credible comparative testing evidence. A good resource is a peer reviewed article discussing testing of hip protectors recently published in the Osteoporosis International Journal . The ranked testing results are on page 7 of the article ranked best #1 to worst #18.

Another aspect for a clinical manager to consider is the falls profile of their resident. If they have dementia a hip protector with the shields sewn into the pockets may work best as the resident will be unable to remove them. If the resident is cognitive or complaint the removable shields are a good option and more economical as a pair of shields can be replaced into new underwear while the used underwear is laundered. Most resthome clinical mangers will buy 3 pairs of underwear, one pair on the resident, one pair in the laundry and one pair in the underwear draw available for use if needed.