Raft Non-Slip Cushion
Raft Non-Slip Cushion

Raft Non-Slip Cushion

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Often seniors, especially those in resthomes will develop a sacral slip i.e they continually slip forward in their armchair or dining room chair. Perched on the edge of their chair they become a falls risk and require either to be restrained or need constant supervision to ensure they haven't slipped to the pint of falling. The RAFT non slip cushion will help these people as a combination of the foam and dimples grip the clothing to help keep the resident upright.
The cushion is made from a closed cell EVA foam and is water proof. The cushion will absorb up to 70% peak pressure and is designed to promote correct posture, incorporates a "pillar & port" technology which helps with airflow to relieve pressure sores.

Cushion size is:

Length = 39cm
Width = 45cm
Depth = 5cm

To clean sluice down or wash using warm soapy water.