Shower Seat Cushion

Shower Seat Cushion

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This innovative Shower Seat Cushion will assist caregivers to shower fragile seniors who may find the standard shower stool uncomfortable. This supportive cushion is both waterproof and heat-resistant. Designed to rest on your bath chair or bench, it is slip-resistant to prevent falls. The cushion won't move back and forth on the surface of the shower chair.

Not only does the Shower Seat Cushion make it much more comfortable to shower, it also improves posture by evenly distributing weight and features a pommel for leg separation . Made of conforming EVA foam, the seat reduces pressure on the joints, allowing the individual to sit up straight while showering. This promotes blood flow and balance and brings peace of mind to the individual and caregivers. The patented port and pillar design uses shorter pillars around the pelvis area that enables the cushion to perfectly contour around the body.

Features and Benefits

  • Comfortable
  • Slip-Resistant
  • Improves Posture
  • Decreases Pressure On Joints
  • Pre-Contoured Top Surface
  • Promotes Balance
  • Evenly Distributes Weight
  • Promotes Blood Flow
  • Made of Durable EVA Foam
  • Waterproof and Heat Resistant