Staying Active with Osteoporosis

More and more seniors are enjoying the great outdoors on e-bikes. They are riding the numerous world class cycle trails or riding on sealed roads all around New Zealand. It is well documented that e-bikes travel faster than normal bikes and a fall at higher speeds can cause greater injuries.

Many seniors have some level of osteoporosis affecting the hip bone and a fall does risk a fracture to the hip and all the consequences that go with that. Hip protectors will offer protection to the hip bone in the event of a fall and may save a fracture.

We specialise in falls protection products for seniors and have been asked to develop a hip protector that is both comfortable and conforms to internationally recognised standards to provide protection should a fall occur.

Our hip protector undergarments are made from combed cotton with a small percentage of spandex to provide support, they are just cotton bike pants with soft foam shields that fit into pockets positioned over each hip. The soft foam shield that is approved to the EU Standard EN 1621-1:2012. This standard is applied to cover protective pads for motor cyclists so is ideal for e-bike cyclists.

We selected cotton over synthetic quick dry fabrics as many seniors like cotton and don’t feel comfortable in the new hi- tech fabrics that are tight fitting. Our underwear is best worn under looser fitting shorts or pants.