Osteo Active

More and more seniors are enjoying the great outdoors on e-bikes. They are riding the numerous world class cycle trails or riding on sealed roads all around New Zealand. It is well documented that e-bikes travel faster than normal bikes and a fall at higher speeds can cause greater injuries.

Many seniors have some level of osteoporosis affecting the hip bone and a fall does risk a fracture to the hip and all the consequences that go with that. Hip protectors will offer protection to the hip bone in the event of a fall and may save a fracture.

We have developed our Osteo Active range of Black Classic briefs to house a pair of foam shields in the pockets located over the hips. Combed cotton-elastane fabric provides the ultimate in all year-round comfort, whilst providing excellent wash and wear characteristics. Featuring flat locked seams to minimize the seam ridges and reduce the risk of pressure points.