About Delloch

Delloch was born out of Sean O’Connor’s 16 years as a paramedic. Sean had seen the effects of falls on patients and felt compelled to develop a solution that would help to reduce the harm to those affected. His experience starkly illustrated the reduced mobility of aging that causes a loss of personal confidence, reducing the quality of life. In 2006 he began experimenting with ideas and later made a working prototype. Over time the product range has evolved, the team has a special interest in older people suffering from osteoporosis especially in the hips and have developed a hip protector range more suited to active seniors who would like to keep playing the sports and doing the activities they love.

Our People

Sean teamed up with others in the business and textiles industries to create Delloch. The company is specialised in developing products that help to prevent and protect against falls and impact related injuries.


Terry Vickers - Managing Director 
As an experienced businessperson and an active investor, Terry has enabled Delloch to become an innovation led company. He brings specialised knowledge of textiles and apparel manufacture.


Mark Smith (PhD. Eng)

Mark has an extensive career in international business. He brings a strong focus on innovation, operations and effective management to Delloch.


 Sean O'Connor 
 An experienced paramedic and a natural inventor, Sean is passionate about delivering real and practical solutions into the healthcare sector. He has provided the inspiration for the hip protection products Delloch has created.