What is fear of falling

Fear of falling is defined as a lasting concern about falling that can lead an individual to avoid activities that he/she remains capable of performing. It is a serious and common problem among aging adults.

Often an older person living on their own may have a fall and be unharmed but they come to realize they are falling. They become frightened and avoid doing their normal activities, they become more sedentary which impacts on their general well being. This loss of confidence may be mitigated by falls protection products which will give them protection if they do fall and give them the confidence to remain active. Family members visiting their mum or dad may notice they aren't as mobile or active as they were and this may be a indication that they have had a fall and have become more inclined to stay sitting in their chair instead of getting out and about. Stay vigilant and seek advice if your mum and dad are withdrawing from activities they would once have undertaken.