Motorcycle Body Armour


On board your beloved motor cycle with your partner on the back is one of life's rare pleasures. Touring with a group or on your own, don't get any better than that. The problem is as we get older our bodies just aren’t as strong or resilient as they used to be and a fall may have serious consequences. This is particularly so if you have osteoporosis in your joints where a fall and a fracture may keep you off your bike for some time and perhaps for ever.

Our SAS Tec protectors will help in the event of a fall, we have selected a range of foam protector shields that complies with EU 1621 – 1 Standard rated to level 2 which means they are tested for higher speed impacts on a motor bike.
The hip protector shields fit into pockets on the inside of our cotton briefs if you wanting to protect your hips. The briefs are very comfortable and supportive, they are just like old school bike pants. The other products will fit into the pockets of high quality riding jackets and pants.The shields can be removed so the garments can be laundered.

Our shield range is designed to protect your:

Hips, knees, elbows, back or chest.